Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Word Inspiration


Well I just had my birthday and, with most life events, changes occur. Now I'm not a kid so when I decide to make changes in my life, they have currents throughout my family.

1. The happiest change is my desire to enjoy past hobbies, which is reading. After telling my husband this, his response was "Let's go". The result was my purchase of a Kindle PaperWhite, which I adore. Since this past Saturday I've read 5 rather think books. The husband has remarked its the most he has seen me read in years. I even bought a membership to Amazon's Prime to access their free library.

2.  Remember my comment about currents? Well the rippling effects have resulted in my decision to rid myself of the majority of my book collection, which consists of 7 large totes of books from hard back to paperback to technical books. My youngest, who really was never very interested in reading, has now ask to use my Kindle to read books.

3. I don't know if it's because of the present renovation or the decision to make more room in our small house by getting rid of the books, but a need to simplify my own life has become more important of late.

Changes are good yet as we age, we fight against change. When we were younger, most of us most likely scoffed at our elders for not accepting new things in our universe; yet we now find ourselves just as guilty. Only the strong can see their mistakes and are willing to embrace the changes for what they are. Change will happen whether we accept them or not.

So I realize that there is going to be new journeys and new experiences. And I just have to say,'If you must, then come to me and let us dance the way of our ancestors with mirth in our hearts."

Thursday, February 27, 2014

clean out time

Well I guess my daughters would call this a do-over. I have come to a place in my journey where it's time to throw out the unnecessary, organize what is left and move on in my life. I especially need to not hold onto the past.

Lately my dreams have been...interesting. It is rare when dreams tell you what to do and give you directions on how to get these. How serious am I taking this? Pretty dang seriously. I am a big believer in fate, karma, etc., and I believe this is happening for a reason. The reason just haven't presented themselves yet.
It has led me to question a lot of my beliefs and even my mudane daily life choices. As the true historian that I am, research is being done. I think major changes are coming. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Well, after several months of waiting and debating, we finally have gotten started on the renovaton on our 1950's house. Of course, it didn't look like much since Kenny (the gentleman doing the entire renovation) and his assistant battled rusty and broken pipes. They even had to replace the pipes leading from the house to the streets. Yikes!

We also had two very large holes in the floor; one being in the kitchen(really big hole) and another in the living room so they could access the gas lines.

And why was all of this for? A laundry room in my carport complete with new subfloor, new INSULATED  walls and room for my washer, dryer, upright freezer and one of two of my refrigerators.  If the weather stays with us then they'll be tearing up my bathroom next! :)

Fortunately no more snow for us! YEA! Although it does slow down the creative part.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yuletide Renovations

We have been having one loo-loo of a winter storm here in North Texas. A week of snow, ice and below freezing temps. So what does my husband decide to do, RENOVATING THE HOUSE. Yea...not very good timing but he was bored.

Instead of putting out my Yuletide decorations, my walls are bare drywall, my furniture and various kitchy objects are piled in my bedroom and hallways and there is a very large hole in my kitchen ceiling. Our walls are being sprayed with insulation, electrical sockets installed, wires straightened out, rooms extended and rooms painted.

I suppose the gentleman working on my house won't get hot. Instead, he waits until lunch-time so the ceiling will warm up enough for him to do the electrical. And hopefully it won't take long; after all my house is nicknamed 'the mouse-house' and for good reason. We had the fireplace removed from the living room just so it would give us an extra four feet!

Now I sit in my kitchen stitching away and drawing designs for future projects. Cozy but I would so like my comfy chair....

Friday, December 6, 2013


Well cold weather has arrived here in North Texas...really cold weather. I find it to be release from everything that has happened here in the last few months. My husband had to be put back in the hospital due to his diabetes in early November. Then a woman that I know from work needed a place to stay due to an eviction. And now we are in the process of taking out a fireplace to add more room to our tiny living room. Yes, a lot of stress on my end.

The husband is healing from his multi-amputations and the 'friend' has moved out back with the boyfriend that is the reason she needed a place to stay in the first place.  The stress that she created living here has really lifted since her departure (even though she is using us a storage facility at the moment). Thus now I feel a yearning to return to stitching once again. Happiness.

Right now, I am working on 'Sister Stitcher' by The Primitive Hare. If you enjoy cross stitch you will love her primitive designs that appear if they are museum quality.

 http://theprimitivehare.blogspot.com/      She also has an Etsy shop.

So the cold weather makes me feel as if things are getting back to normal...quiet....calm normalcy. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Autistic Daughter

Autism Awareness Page

This is my autistic daughter. She is 20. Please watch the video and understand her world. She cannot tolerate noise, bright lights or crowds. A mere trip to a store just to pick up milk can overwhelm her. She also can't handle most foods aside from about 10. Our grocery bill just for her is over $200 because of her GF/CF diet. She won't be able to work. She couldn't make it past the 8th grade even though mathematically she is considered a genius. I've had both family and friends question us constantly when she was going to 'get out there' or 'grow up'(family member made that remark). She is stuck between 5 and 15. Her room is very, very pink and she has a mad crush on Nick Jonas.
This is MY daughter. Smart, spiritual, funny, charming and she is autistic.

The next time you want to whine about your kids or your friends or your life. THINK and remember how her life is. Maybe even save this video and re-run when you feel the world is crashing in on you. Remember how good you really have it. :)  I know I do.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I sit here after my meditation, relaxed and calm. I have green
candles surrounding me with the scent of sage and citrus and

listening to the sounds of native American flute of Robert Tree Cody,

which I love.

Most of my friends who meditate say they use sounds of waterfalls

or birds chirping. That would drive me insane I think. One I would

probably have a desire to run to the restroom and the other would be

a need to open my eyes and look for the dang birds.

So it's the melodic sounds of native American flutes. One of my

mother's friends was a professional flutist and his was made from a

pinon tree. I don't know how strong a wood that would be but it

was very cool looking. He tried to teach me how to play it but I was

better at string instruments. But I did love to just sit outside when

the sun was setting behind his hogan and listen to him. Even his

neighbors who lived some distance away would travel the rocky

excuse for a path to sit and listen to him.

This was a day of needing not only meditation but something relaxing.

It was the first day of school for the youngest; her senior year.

And she is quite nervous. The fact that her on-line school had major

technical difficulties did not help her mood. Their live orientation
crashed and so did the scan tron tests that she was supposed to

complete today.

And she gets more of the same tomorrow. Even she came into my

room to join in on meditation today because it has created more

angst than just first-day-of-school nerves.

My bedroom was designed with meditation in mind; it's dark and calm.

When I light the candles and the incense, and turn on my flute

music or my Pandora radio station of native American/meditation

music, she does exactly what I expect.

My youngest meditated herself right to sleep.